Who We Are

ViPovaTM is a US-Company founded by a PhD-educated health care practitioner and by a world-class athlete who developed a patented process to create a more comforting and effective process of delivering full spectrum hemp oil through familiar products. Their underlying passion to help people understand and realize the benefits of the ingredients of hemp is contagious and transcends everything that ViPovaTM does.

Our in-house “Tea Ladies” co-founded our company once they realized the importance of their discovery of infusing hemp oil into lipids. Lexaria Bioscience Corp has since purchased 100% ownership and has funded a significant expansion of the intellectual property applications so that the benefits of the technology and products could become widely available.

We care about everyone who works at ViPovaTM; we care about our community, and we care about our customers. As part of our philosophy, we contribute part of our profits to our profit-sharing plan that every single one of our employees can benefit from. We believe that when you share with and care for the people you work with, they share their greatness with you too.

Lexaria has already spent hundreds of thousands of dollars funding lab and clinical research to further develop the technology that you experience seamlessly within every cup of ViPovaTM Tea. This R&D has led to innumerable discoveries and the filing of over 40 patent applications within the US and internationally, both within the tea and coffee sectors but also with other far-reaching applications. The patent portfolio now includes 4 granted patents in the USA and 1 granted in Australia.

So every time we sell a cup of tea, we become more deeply involved in our community as we work together to bring peace and comfort to ourselves and to each other.

*Our products contain less than 0.03% of THC